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Data Prep Command Reference

Connector to OneCloud Data Prep to execute pipelines on tabular data sets.


Data Prep

The connector can be used to execute Pipelines within OneCloud Data Prep




Run Pipeline

Executes a pipeline of transformations and mappings against an input file


Input Type Detail Notes
File FileField Tabular data file that will be transformed
Base URL TextField Pipelines base URL
Pipeline GUID TextField Pipeline GUID
Company Token TextField Company token
Field Mappings GroupField Optional: If your input does not match the Pipeline schema you have defined, you may provide a list of mappings to match the field name in your file
Parallel Processing BooleanField When enabled, multiple threads will be used to execute the pipeline.
Delimiter DropdownField The delimiter used in the File
Output Delimiter DropdownField By default, the output file produced will use the same delimiter as the input file. Use this to override the delimiter used in the output file.


Output Output Type Notes
Record Count Integer
Pipeline Output Json

Exit Codes

Code Type Detail
0 Success Pipeline completed successfully
1 Error Pipeline failed to execute or found unmapped rows
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